Hunting in NY

The Satisfaction of Duck Hunting


Ar head out before light to do some snow goose hunting in NY, Finger lakes region, I notice it’s starting to snow. I love hunting in snow. Not only a beautiful site seeing it but there are the finger lakes to marvel at as well. An amazing sight to see half a million birds lift up off the finger lakes at day break. They scatter in the colorful light of the sunrise and spread out to all points of the compass. All colonies of birds heading to the same fields that they and their ancestors flew to for decades to feed. It’s game on as the first flock of 500 or so lock their wings and descend.

hunting gasti cu coarne
The snow goose decoy spread. Twisting and turning upside down trying to beat the others into the flock on the ground. Their thinking soups on. Boy are they in for a shock. 100 yards 70 yards 50yards. At 35 yards the guide screams over the thunder of the maddening honking to KILL EM.
As the guns of 8 hunters roar about 30 rounds or so explode in seconds, birds start to drop hitting the ground thud thud thud. It’s a sound that thrills every waterfowl. Good shooting. 14 snows and blue geese on the ground on the first round. My hunting partner, my fox red Labrador, Ginger blisters out with here eye on a sailor. A goose body shot but wings still intact. My Lord that dog loves to chase crippled geese. She lives for this as do I. I scream reload reload. Don’t look up or you won’t be ready for the next flock close behind. OK. We’re loaded and look up only to see the next flock locked and loaded. Sailing in with the wind beneath their wings. Wow. It’s game on. OK, heart. Slow down. Take a deep breath 80 yards already and closing. 40 yards now and swinging right to leave. The guide screams Take em and the guns thunder again. Snow goose hunting New York. What a thrill.

hunting gift10After a such great day of hunting we been for a cup of tea in our favorite place were we share same gifts and some stories.Even if we’ve heard them before, the excitement of the moment and the enthusiasm of the narrators often keeps our attention. Plus, we kept a few details that will make our own stories a little more interesting.

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It was getting late so i had to say good bay to my friend,that amazing day will stay fresh on my memory for long time,a perfect hunting day with a perfect finish.One may way to home i decide to get some beautiful flowers for my beautiful wife witch is very supporting and i don’t have enough words to say thank you to her for what she is and what she’s doing for me.

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